The man behind the dog.

Bear, a chocolate lab,

makes himself

comfortable while gaurd-

ing the fort.



The story starts with my uncle Joe's gas station in Little Italy, Omaha back in

the 60s. It all started when my dad gave his brother, my uncle, his '59

Oldesmobile. It was about 1965. I was five and I made my dad take me there

every weekend to visit the car.

I've been around cars all my life. I would stop school and go down to the station to 

work on cars every Friday. On the weekend, my cousins and I would be there working on cars. I attended Boy's Town for two years taking auto body classes. I left high school and went into the military. After I returned, I went to Fort Omaha Community College studying auto body and auto mechanics for two more years. I specialized in painting, and always played with cars as long as I can remember. In 1998, I bought my first tow truck, and spent the first six months custom painting it.

In the town of Hudson, there's a business serving all of Weld County. Bear's

Towing is owned by Joe Nigro and co-owned by Terry Nigro.


Joe got involved with the towing business because he has always had a love for

cars and has been involved with them all of his life. After retiring as a chef, Joe decided to put all of his car experience to work making himself his own boss. Joe has had his license for 18 years.


Joe operates his business solely through his truck and cell phone. Bear's Towing is open pretty much 24 hours a day. Bear's does much more than just towing. Bear's tows, jumps, and performs various other jobs. Bear's does not do repo's or private parkers.


Bear's specializes with custom and classic vehicles. The prices are very competitive and affordable. Joe states that one of the reasons he has affordable prices is because he had to have his brand new Porsche towed and it cost him $500.00 cash, which he felt was a little excessive, and this was in the early '90s.


Bear's Towing is known to be a friendly, affordable business that wants to help the comunities in their times of need along the side of the road. Find Bear's Towing on facebook to learn more about his business.

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Head of Security

Head of Security

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The Real Bosses
Our founders
Our founder, Joe and his new employee Raylynne
Joe and Raylynne

The third generation dog